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For parents who want to feel informed and confident leading up to birth

When a mother and her birth companion are able to approach their birth without fear, and equipped with knowledge, good support, and helpful tools, then their birthing can be an empowering experience. Hypnobirthing Australia™  classes are expertly structed to help you achieve this. Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based method of preparing for an experience you’ll want to remember forever, the birth of your child.

Women and their partners on the Sunshine Coast will leave the classes at Peaceful Birthing feeling confident, well-educated and supported to approach their birth calmly and without fear.

Here's what Peaceful Birthing parents have to say


Hi, I’m Simone. I’m a mother of two beautiful hypnobubs, whose births vastly changed the trajectory of my life.

Since birthing my daughters I’ve had an insatiable thirst for knowledge on all things relating to birth and postpartum. I’m so grateful I now get to share my passion and wisdom with others.

I find birth extraordinary, awe inspiring, and birthing mothers so much stronger than they’d ever thought possible. It’s next level watching a mother birthing her child.

I’m also a wife, soul searcher, and in my spare time a lover of the outdoors.

I’m a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, Newborn Mother Graduate (Post Partum Doula) and Sacred Mama Birth Circle Facilitator Trainee. Peaceful Birthing is my business, a Noosa based venture helping create positive birthing experiences for parents and increase joy for new mothers on the Sunshine Coast.

To read more about me and why I love teaching this amazing course, CLICK HERE. I look forward to sharing this beautiful way of birthing with you!

Simone xx

Simone from Peaceful Birthing Hypnobirthing Sunshine Coast

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