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Peaceful Birthing is based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

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    “Simone is the most caring, knowledgeable and passionate teacher. The hypnobirthing course she taught helped me so much during my son’s birth. I was able to relax and enjoy birthing and it was such a positive experience. I highly recommend Simone and the hypnobirthing course.”

    Anita, Peaceful Birthing Mother


    “We found working with Simone to be a positive and enlightening experience. She has a beautiful nature, she’s caring and compassionate and her knowledge and experience with pregnancy and birth is exceptional. We felt safe and supported in our journey leading up to the birth of our daughter. Would highly recommend her course, especially for new parents.”

    Jessica, Peaceful Birthing Mother


    “Simone is Practical, Intelligent, Empathetic and Passionate about helping couples to take ownership over their pregnancy and birthing experience.

    I think that Simone’s differentiating factor is her ability to personalize and contextualise the material to suit wherever you are at on your journey with hypnobirthing. If you’re trying to decide on which Hypnobirthing Practitioner to go with- look no further.

    We weren’t particularly drawn to the perceived ‘alternative-ness’ of this style of birth preparation course, but after hearing several recommendations for Hypnobirthing from friends- particularly the new Dads about the level of detail it goes into about how to support the birthing mother and stages of labour/birth and what to expect we approached Simone and did a private course.

    Simone genuinely embraced our views and was an experienced, expert facilitator of all things birthing. Her evidence based approach to current birthing methodology and her love of how Hypnobirthing embraces evidence and empowerment was really really reassuring.

    We are now looking forward to what we can achieve in the birth suite together, no matter what turn our birthing takes. This course, because of Simone and her masterful facilitation sparked conversations we would not have otherwise had and has brought us closer as a couple at a *critical* time in our lives.

    We will be eternally grateful”

    . Eleanor, Peaceful Birthing Mother