Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in the course?
What is hypnobirthing?
How does hypnobirthing differ from other childbirth preparation methods?
Peaceful Birthing FAQ's
Peaceful Birthing FAQ's
When should I start classes?
Should I still attend hospital antenatal classes?
Who do I bring to classes?
How is the birth partner involved?
Will I be unconscious or will I remember my birth experience?
Will hypnobirthing be useful to me if I don’t opt for a natural childbirth or if circumstances necessitate medical intervention or a caesarean birth?
Peaceful Birthing FAQ's
Peaceful Birthing FAQ's
Can hypnobirthing be beneficial to someone who has special circumstances, VBAC or who must have a C-section?
Is it true that I will experience a pain-free birth with hypnobirthing?
What if my doctor/midwife is not familiar with hypnobirthing?
If the answer to your question is not here, please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.


“I attended peaceful birthing in 2019 to assist me with the right tools and knowledge to achieve the best possible birth that I could. Simone was beyond amazing and I honestly cannot recommend her enough! I was petrified at the thought of giving birth, even prior to finally becoming pregnant and the peaceful birthing class helped me stay cool, calm, collected and in control. Highly recommend! I will be going back when I have my second child”

Kimberley, Peaceful Birthing Mother


“My partner and I did the private hypnobirthing course in our home. Simone was so positive, caring and knowledgeable. From the father’s perspective I’ve found a lot of the medical appointments don’t include us, often leaving dads to feel some what useless and unhelpful when it comes to the actual birth. Simone was different and engaged with both of us, teaching us about the entire birth experience and how I can be involved and best support my partner. The course showed us how to prepare ourselves for a really positive experience with any outcome. I would suggest everyone to part take in Hypnobirthing prior to having children as it will change your whole mindset about birth. Thanks heaps Simone!”

Stewart, Peaceful Birthing Dad


“Highly highly recommend Simone and the Peaceful Birthing course! It was nothing short of informative, empowering and down right amazing. Simone had all the time in the world for us and explained everything so clearly which when paired with all the resources provided, led to both my partner and I feeling calm, educated and supported before our beautiful birth. I couldn’t recommend more and tell all my friends about this course”

Jess, Peaceful Birthing Mother